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Building a home is one thing...
...Securing it is another
Our clients come to us for our quality products and return for our outstanding service and quick turnaround.

Call us today for a free quote and to see how we can help you be safer.
When it comes to security, NES are at the top of the game. With our extensive working experience in providing high quality security solutions to clients in and around London, we are well equipped to provide you with anything from CCTV to networking and full telephone systems.
Our team of expert installers are highly experienced and work quickly and efficiently, thereby reducing the cost of all our work.
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As part of our mission statement to support a sustainable society and economy, we are fully committed to using environmentally methods and products wherever possible.

NES Security.
The name you can entrust.

Did you know?


Burglaries in London per year


Of burglars are dettered by an alarm


Of homes do not possess adequate security measures


Average amount stolen in a burgalry

*according to official sources

It's who we are

It's what we give

It's how we work

It's our priority to keep people and their property secure. That is why we provide a full suite of better security solutions to ultimately make you feel safer.
Our clients rave about our legendary service. Our team prioritizes this and are focused on pleasing the customer, making sure that you are 100% happy with our work.
Our team is comprised of experienced engineers and professionals, who dedicate themselves towards making sure that our installations are clean, precise and in optimal working order.

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See what our customers say;
  1. "Fantastic service, I would definitely use NES again"
    - Eli Kahan
  2. NES has done a fantastic job at my place, They upgraded my security system so i could control it from my phone, would highly recommend them.
    -Patrick Jones
  3. Thanks for your wonderful service and for the sophisticated product you have installed in the building.
    - C Johnson