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See your Security

Because We Care

nes security worker fixing a cctv camera
Statistics show that having security cameras installed in any property is a fabulous deterrent to potential crime.

At NES, we stock a vast array of cameras suitable for different needs and budgets, including the latest connected LP cameras which record up to 6 megapixels.

Furthermore, we are experts in strategically placing the cameras to ensure that they capture every detail of their surroundings.

Finally, to put you in full control of your security, our cutting edge app allows you to check the status of your property live at any given moment. You can also view past recordings straight from your smartphone or computer.

NES will lead you through the entire process, from choosing and supplying the cameras, installing them in their optimum positions and advising you on where to place our hi-tech recorders and monitors.

Our cameras are manufactured out of renewable and environmentally friendly materials and sources wherever possible, as well as being extremely energy efficient as part of our vision to support a sustainable society and economy.
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