Smart Security – A primer

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This article will walk you through four of the most popular smart security options for your home: Video doorbells, smart cameras, smart alarms, and smart lights. This stuff exists to protect you, and they offer extra protection.

Video doorbells

Video doorbells have become a hugely popular home security solution in recent years as they are simple to install, very easy to use and obvious to anyone passing by, especially those who are likely to burgle you. More than simply being a functional doorbell, they also include a camera, speaker, and microphone that can connect to your smartphone, tablet, amazon or google display, regardless of whether you are home.

You can see a live feed from your front door at any time and receive notifications when someone walks by or presses the bell.

You can encounter tricky waters regarding complying with data and privacy regulations if your camera captures people outside the boundaries of your property, such as on the street in front of your house or your neighbour’s driveway.

Smart cameras

Worrying about the security of your garden, side-alley, shed, or garage? A smart camera can provide a valuable peace of mind. They come in a variety of sizes, capabilities, and prices. Most will have microphones and speakers. Many connect to wifi, whilst storage capabilities vary between cloud and local storage.

Battery-operated models can be placed just about anywhere with magnetic mounts  If you also want to keep an eye on the inside of your home, there are many battery and mains-powered indoor cameras available.

Smart alarms

There are a lot of smart alarm systems available that you can put together, from a range of battery-powered sensors you place on doors and windows, motion sensors for rooms, hallways and landings, and keypads for arming them. Most systems will send alerts to your phone when something triggers a sensor, and have sirens built into their base stations, with optional wall-mounted bells.

As with smart cameras, the app on your phone is just as important as the device in your home, so it is worth making sure the manufacturer has good software.

Smart lights

Smart security doesn’t always have to be about obvious intrusive devices. Smart lights are a 21st century alternative to lamps on timers, and many are as simple to install as just screwing in a new bulb.

Most smart lights can be triggered remotely from a smartphone but the majority can also be set to come on and off with a routine, such as at sunset or dawn. To make things a little less predictable, in case anyone is watching your home, you can set some systems to light up at a random time within a set 60-minute period each day.

Daniel Lichtenstein is the founder and CEO of NES Security, a leading provider of security solutions in the United Kingdom.